Paintings: Searcher (1996)Paintings: Pensive (1996)Paintings: Prayer (1995)Paintings: Landscape (1990-95)Paintings: Three Verses (1994)Paintings: Garden...poem (1994-95)Paintings: I knew we meet (1988-95)Paintings: Floralium (1994)Paintings: Holiday (1995)Paintings: Magic square (1995)Paintings: Révült (1994)Paintings: Observer (1992)Paintings: Speaker (1992)Paintings: Mute (1992)Paintings: Airborne (1992)Paintings: Melting with the snow(mask) (1994)Paintings: Fragment (Sigatures to RE’s diary) (1992)Paintings: Memory (1988-94)Paintings: Strength (1988-94)Paintings: Masculine  I-III. (1988)Paintings: Number-sqare (1987)Paintings: Phallocracy (1985)Paintings: Previous time (1993)Paintings: My father's abandoned garden (1982)

FERENC CSURGAI - Hungarian sculptor creating paradoxical, graceful concrete sculptures.

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