Artist's Statement


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Ferenc Csurgai Hungarian Sculptor

I'm searching new ways to create paradoxical, graceful concrete sculptures. Persisting in unfolding the spiritual hidden in matter is my main focus of interest. Concrete has been bound to the building industry, considered to be the symbol of lifelessness, petrification and weight.

My intention is to disrupt our everyday notion of this generally grey, industrial and tough substance. Airy, porous, shiny and often green, gold or blue - freed from their inherent heaviness - many of my sculptures are see-through and ornamental. They keep the same attributes of industrial concrete, such as being weather resistant, and by using a mixture of additives and chemicals, also improve concrete's ability to be precisely moldable.

Working with a robust, heavy-weight material, I create large-scale objects with delicate details, constantly researching and improving the technique, while being inspired by the presence of form and space in one object.

- Ferenc Csurgai