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Sculptures: Adam's Ribs (2022)Sculptures: Trap (2022)Sculptures: Recent (2022)Sculptures: Complex (2022)Sculptures: R2 (2022)Sculptures: Ruin (2022)Sculptures: The Carbon Age Series (2021)Sculptures: Atonal - Respect for K (2021)Sculptures: Atonal (2021)Sculptures: Star and Cross (2020)Sculptures: Improvisation 1.-2. (2020)Sculptures: Improvisation 3.-4. (2020)Sculptures: Improvisation 5.-6. (2020)Sculptures: Improvisation 7. (2020)Sculptures: Biner (2020)Sculptures: 4 Faces (2019)Sculptures: Column (2019)Sculptures: Study with Spheres (2018)Sculptures: Shadows (2018)Sculptures: Column K (2017)Sculptures: Structure (2016)Sculptures: Discussion point (2016)Sculptures: Spiral (2016)Sculptures: Study (2015)Sculptures: Secret (2015)Sculptures: Eroded (2015)Sculptures: Excluded (2015)Sculptures: Transparent (2014)Sculptures: Ceiling Board Design - House of Hungarian Music (2014)Sculptures: Unenclosed Spaces (2014)Sculptures: Closed System (2014)Sculptures: The Other Side (2013)Sculptures: Built spaces (2013)Sculptures: The Sky in You (2012)Sculptures: Transfixion (2012)Sculptures: Szobor negatívban (2012)Sculptures: Spiral Study (2011)Sculptures: Maze (2011)Sculptures: Signs (2011)Sculptures: Endless (2011)Sculptures: Net (2010)Sculptures: Nest (2010)Sculptures: Gate (2010)Sculptures: B (2010)Sculptures: Gateway (2010)Sculptures: Memento (2010)Sculptures: Before rain, after fire (2009)Sculptures: Vegetable Pendant (2009)Sculptures: Contact I.-II. (2004-2008)Sculptures: Weeping pair (2007)Sculptures: Hall (2006)Sculptures: Awakening Void (2006)Sculptures: Rewriteable past (2005)Sculptures: Shelter (2005)Sculptures: SHOAH (2004)Sculptures: In Search of RE (2004)Sculptures: Dew trap (2004)Sculptures: Lying Tower (2004)Sculptures: Quod Erat Demonstrandum (2003)Sculptures: Chimerical (2003)Sculptures: Cloud Gazer (2001)Sculptures: New Architectonic (2002)Sculptures: Paired mask (2001)Sculptures: Millenium Tower, plan M1:10 (2000)Sculptures: Plait (1998)Sculptures: Pebble Pad (1995)Sculptures: Magic square (1990)Sculptures: Spiral Transformation (1990)Sculptures: Architectonic study (1990)Sculptures: Architectonic shape (nagy) (1990)Sculptures: Architectonic shape (1990)Sculptures: New Mountains (1988)Sculptures: Scene (1988)Sculptures: Object (1988)Sculptures: Warrior (large) (1988)Sculptures: Warrior (1988)Sculptures: Complementary (1987)Sculptures: Early study (1982)

FERENC CSURGAI - Hungarian sculptor creating paradoxical, graceful concrete sculptures.

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