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Csurgai + Stringovics hangsugárzók

The need to acoustically conquer space has led me to design and build loudspeakers. Although loudspeakers differ in function from bows, both of these instruments function based on vibrations – and on the physical theory of vibration absorption. I have been designing electro acoustic equipment since 2000 with the cooperation of electric engineer Gyula Stringovics. The C+S experimental shop has been founded with the purpose of building unique loudspeakers and amplifiers with artistic precision. I have developed new technologies and materials for specially structured building using special gluing technique. The aim was to create an ideal interior acoustical space based on the exterior form of the loudspeakers. The applied composite materials and the new structure building technology allows the parts to remain vibration-free, and to be free of secondary vibrations as well. The result is a sound formation of stage quality combined with uniquely designed external shell.

Our loudspeakers and amplifiers can be viewed in our showrooms in Cegled and Budapest, Hungary. Email us for more information.

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FERENC CSURGAI - Hungarian sculptor creating paradoxical, graceful concrete sculptures.

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